“Modesty…? What is this thing? I don’t need to be modest that I wouldn’t live up to my aspirations or live life like someone’s slave. I want to relish my life on my terms only. Being Modest is not my job at all, it shows me vulnerable to people” If you feel like that, you are on the wrong path bug. And not seeing the creek, you are approaching. You are being an unconscious child possessing the blurred vision.

Life is so uncertain or whole of uncertainties that you don’t even know what would come to you shortly. The way you behave now to people around you affect your future and your clan’s. Possibly the person whom you are contemplating that does not deserve to stand with you or in your clique or not a real competition would be the Thomas Alva Edison, who went to primary school for less than three months of the time. His teachers named him an idiot and later that lad emerges as a magical boy. You never know, the person you are having lunch with, in an organization, could be the Padma Shri aspirant. Never assess a book by its cover, so cliche, but it is what it is. So, here modesty plays an important role. Being modest means, to speak gently with people. A decent and humble soul is more appealing and engaging to others than the immoral or pretentious one. Modesty can be one trait by which you can secure your position in any gathering. But being too modest is not recommended as it can make you obscure. Self-love or holding a sense of pride is not arrogance, but being too modest is as risky as driving in obscurity. Modesty can be one of the causes of achievements. Be soft on others. Be clear on you. Make this planet a more reliable place to be.

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  1. That definitive clue for higher self esteem is pure. Also, it’s merely a pure illusion for some folks . People break and people oppose they loose the sense of life beyond their own boundaries. This post is very enlightening, i recalled my forgotten self. My humble gratitude to you Akash, keep the posts coming.

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    1. Thanks brother…!!
      Well, I have to appreciate your intelligence in commenting. Keep supporting.
      I promise, lot more is coming your way through my way.

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  2. This post is very useful for me.its Quite intresting to Know that how much i lack in this subject. I kept myself so Influenced by your thought process. I become one of your admire. 🔥 ❤ Keep uploading such meaningful contents.

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