A Call…!!!

Something was not right, back then
Nothing seems bright, till …
Till you held me up.

I called, you picked
I cried, you fed …
Fed the words, still in my head
“You got a motive to be there,
Hold your emotions, be clear
You’re a bird with the biggest wings,
Learn to flap, you’ll be something
I got your back, do not hesitate
Fly like an eagle and do not demonstrate”
You hung up with a heavy voice,
With a promise, I’ll call you every day twice.

Something was not right, back then
Nothing seems bright, till…
Till you didn’t become, on my side.


10 thoughts on “A Call…!!!

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  1. Not everyone is brave enough to face problems, they usually ignore them.
    Not everyone is open enough to let you know their feelings, they prefer to hide them.
    Not everyone is strong enough to confront the consequences, they are weak inside.
    Not everyone’s mind is a hard metal safe for secrets, they are very fragile.

    They are human being just like me, should i give up on them? I asked to myself. Are they really not worth my efforts? i was not sure. I shared my feelings they told me their secrets, I stood for them in dark times they became stronger inside. We are social beings in a conservative environment with little talking and more pointing πŸ‘‰ i realized everyone behaved the way they did, for a reason. not related to hate and anger but some things happened between the time they met me and they stopped responding, first i didn’t ask. Then one time i did, the perspective is flipped when i encountered the same thing all over my surroundings….

    I have the privilege to live with people with a lovely heart and beautiful aura but with fears and loneliness, should i tell them how they are internally? Or should I influence them out of their zone i asked myself…..

    You poem touched my heart, It is very relatable for me. Keep me posted with new content, your blog is awesome Aakash.

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  2. I really loved your content. Never ever stop to Write something unique and beautiful.always Be happy i am really Excited about this blog. πŸ”₯ You surprised me as well. β€οΈπŸ‘†πŸ’―

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