The Lap

Since we are together…
For more than two decades now,
Every second with you, still…
Feels like more holier-than-thou,

I miss that lap of yours, used to put my head on
Where, I want to be, but, let’s move on…       
Because I am a coward, scared to do so…

I feel scared, to spill out everything…
That would leave you broken.
I feel scared, to the thought of…
What would be after then?

Because that is the place…
I can breathe with my vulnerabilities,
I have never let you know, Maa…
How much your lap means.

I feel scared, to get up now…
This world judges me, anyhow..!!!

I feel scared, what if you would…
Not be here, with me, someday…
So, please hide me in your lap, Maa…
It’s Mother’s Day !!!

4 thoughts on “The Lap

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  1. As always Masterpiece. Most Heart warming post. 🔥 I Can relate the Resemblance with my real life experiences. Simplicity of words is best for me to Understand without using dictionary. ❤️Sometimes i miss my feelings.
    All the best brother. I am Waiting for Some Motivational cum Revengeful posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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