Starry-eyed, passionate at will...
                      The urge to make things happen,
                      By not knowing if I will.
                      Life came across next to hell...
                      That's when I learnt a name, to spell.

                                 "Prescription to my anxieties.
                                   River to the ocean of thoughts.
                                   Abstract in nature.  
                                   Camaraderie between me and my heart.
                                   Hallowed morals.
                                   Inner-child, who keeps her sort."
                                   I started breathing YOU evenly...
                                   By knowing that,
                                   We would be getting apart.

                    Lost moron, maybe...
                    That is what I was...!!!

                    I could've resist myself...
                    But, YOU were being YOU...
                   With glimpses of,
                   Your heart-clenching grins...!!!
                   I knew!

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4 thoughts on “IRREPLACEABLE YOU

Add yours

  1. The dream was never to leave you,
    I lost everything, when i lost you,
    We were like paper bonded with glue,
    It’s very hard to forget those moments,
    Things were just better with you,
    Just for the record,
    My heart is still shut for others to enter,
    With no plan to surrender, if it’s not you…

    A poem for a poem, a piece of respect you can call it. I love your work man! Keep me posted on your new stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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