“How are you?” is not enough !!

“How are you?” how warming is this when someone asks this to you? I want to ask you out there. Because when people do the same with me, I feel bothered and annoyed. And there is a whole lot of reason behind it which you should want to know.

We have enlightened, or might be its everybody-is-doing-in-the-world-so-why-should-not-I. Because we have been taught earlier in childhood that when somebody visits us or if we visit someone’s home, the first you should greet and ask “How are you?” and then the everything proceeds, and we followed it, that is okay. (We are still carrying on, till date), doesn’t matter other person answers or not. But we have made this manner. WHY? Why do we have to do that? Please don’t do it from now onwards. Because if people are not comprehending, they can not go precise this way. Because now everybody is in the loop with “How are you?”’s. They don’t mean it, but only because the software has been code this way, it’s there. Especially today, when Mental Health became a fancy word. Today, whatever happens, people – “How are you?!” You are on call and conversing in low pitch – “How are you?!” OR ”tu thik hai…!!” Ugh! You are out, going to shop, suddenly personage approached and – “How are you?!” Stop doing this shit by not to “How are you?!” every-time everywhere, when you do not mean it. Because, then, later you’ll be like “but I asked you…haven’t I?”. Stop giving cold-shoulder to people if you can’t help. Stop asking again and again. It does not help, especially when you know the person is emotionally traumatized or uncertain.

If you want to help a soul, either of cumming with “How is you?” frequently daily, either call or plan to meet up on alternate days. Try to ask some casual questions like what did you do the whole day? What movies did you saw? Or talk about some old mesmerizing memories to lift the mood of theirs. Put random questions accordingly to know the person inside out, to know the level of uncertainty in a person’s life. Try to be with that person when he/she calls you, which means you do not have to interrogate later. Help yourself to help others. Instead of questioning, start feeling, so that you do not have to cross-question every-time. Remember, you got a heart, which is beating not only for you but for others also.

P.S. You are free to share your views or discard it.

9 thoughts on ““How are you?” is not enough !!

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  1. I did that! and now when I think back it makes total sense to not say “how are you? “. I have to pull them out of the pool of thoughts instead of asking to remember it again, what was i thinking before doing all that crap. Thanks for the new perspective.

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  2. Firstly i become defensive about Saying” how are you? “.but After reading more and more it starts to make sense. This was actually many times happened to me. Completely worth it to read. I loved it and i meant it.if you ask me which part is influence me every each line. Its a Good learning for my character. Keep Doing awesome work.

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