This Is How The World Works !! Maybe.

Uncertain emotions, but, So is life.                  
There's an end, Where we meet
Seems like, the mirage of my eyes.
It's been long, that we haven't met
Still, the heart beats, and bet.
It's been so long, we haven't hugged...
I wanna hold you and, measure your breath.
Being the vocals of my song
You can't leave me ever.
Your unspoken words
I'll keep writing it, forever.
It's so optimist of me
That, I still believe in love.
Be on my side or else's
Just, please, be there for "US".
it was not you, or
You was being the real you.
this is how the world works.
And being my world, you showed that.
But, is this how everyone's world works?
I don't know.
I would have tried the different world.
But eventually,
Everyone eyes everyone's world.
And, also, eventually...
Anybody's world becomes anybody's world.
This is how this world works !!!


5 thoughts on “This Is How The World Works !! Maybe.

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  1. I really loved it. 😇The Significance of the World become more Uncertain for me. 😌This is the one of yours masterpiece. This poem is so relatable when i read more and more by line by line it put me in deep thinking. Please always keep doing this awesome Work.all the best for future 😘

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