The View From the Top!

Tallest buildings of the hour,
Standing alone amidst a war.
A war of being more civilized,
A war of being perfect…
Under their skies.
Enlightening the moment,
Observing the lights.
Conversing from the top
Heights are so shy.

The gaze of the sky.
The gaze of the surface.
All mixed up in between,
Ingredients are not so perfect.
A war of humanity seeks charity,
The Charity of compassionate life.
Letting the souls alive.


4 thoughts on “The View From the Top!

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  1. I really like your work. Keep doing what you like to do. Your writting skills are amazing. I hope you will publish your own book.which is full of beautiful, heart warming, and clinging writting.all the best bro. ❤️

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  2. I feel delusional from time to time these days, your poem enlightens the evidence that we all are confused and we who seek the limits are more so than those who already in a state of thinking that they know all there is to know!

    It was so beautifully put for me that I wouldn’t ask you what was the motive behind it and how you see it because the image I created for myself is powerful for my own endeavor. I just want to keep it intact for keeping myself motivated for some time until it fades. I hope you’ll share something interesting soon so that the feeling persists for more ❤

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