Where Are You Now…!?

It’s not easy to be here,
Feels like drowning,
But who cares..!?
Nobody’s gonna help you…
Nobody’s gonna believe…
You’re pushing the water,
deep under the sea.

Years have gone by …
Seasons have changed.
Where are you now..!?
The answer is the same.

What you’re gonna do now..!?
What is next..!?
Who knows the future, but…
Surely it’ll flex…!!

Burning Desires, or…
Burning the Desires.
Hall of Fame, or…
Just Blame Game.
Where are you now..!?
You have to claim.


3 thoughts on “Where Are You Now…!?

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  1. Well you can’t depend on others for your own happiness… once you trust and believe in yourself you will go far

    But you have to truly reach that. To depend on and trust your own self

    Then when people do come in your life, they will enhance your life

    But it’s ok… you go through things to make you stronger. 😉


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