Yesterday, we as a family were having a decent conversation, and meanwhile, my father said something that kind of everyone believe. He said, “life me har cheez ka sahi waqt hota h or waqt se pehle kisi ko kuch ni milta (In life, everything is preordained and nobody gets nothing before time)” and in contradiction, I said it’s only we feel that we don’t get anything before time unless it happens. And when that thing happens, we think, maybe this was destined to happen at this time. Then, later we try to match all the dots behind, that this happens maybe because of what I did then, and it’s fair. But dots don’t correspond every time. And, perhaps, everything would be destined already, but I think life is all about how much you can make out of your destiny.

In the whole span of life, we experience multiple things – Lot of Emotions, Worst Situations, Beautiful Faces, Multiple losses, Cherishable  Moments, and much more. Some experiences life throws at us to testify and shape us like how it’d be… “destined”? But there are some other experiences which we make for ourselves based on our decisions. Those are the decisions on which we mostly live and can mold our destiny.

Life constantly tests us by throwing the “destined” experiences. And it’s our decisions or some wrong decisions which keep us going or resists us, respectively. It means the experiences which depend on our decision-making skills make us, and when some “destined” experiences get added into it later, which would, of course, that’s the cherry on top!

P.S. Destined experiences favor us according to our decision-making skills. Also, those decisions should not be based on our emotions.

You’re free to share your views or discard this.*

“Destined” Experiences – The Experiences Which Life Throws At Us And We Got No Control On That.

Experiences – Depends On Our Decisions And On Which We Got Control.


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