Loud-And-Clear Signs You Need To Quit Your Job.

Clear Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

Most people spend over 40 hours per week at work, and getting a job that allows you to improve your wellbeing is crucial. Feeling passion for what you do makes your job much more comfortable. However, you shouldn’t forget that overwork might have adverse effects on your health, and you need to identify when it’s time to stop. 

The competition has become more challenging these days. Employers have higher demands, and the digital transition has made learning new tech skills a must. If you have been thinking about leaving your job, but you aren’t sure about making your decision, these signs will help you make your move. They will tell you if you need to quit and when you should do it.

You Can’t Make A List Of The Things You Like About Your Job

Enjoying what you do is essential to feel comfortable and keep a good mood at work. Otherwise, you might feel frustrated and stuck. Don’t keep your job if you can’t make a list of the things you like. When employees don’t like their jobs, they often provide awful results and are in a bad mood day and night. Also, when you don’t enjoy your tasks, thinking in a positive manner can be a challenge. As a result, you’ll start to complain and might feel your life is the only problem.

You can talk to your boss and look for a solution. Keep in mind that communication is key to let others know how you feel. When working in groups, your communication skills are what will help you overcome any challenge.

Developing Your Potential Is A Struggle

Education is today’s currency, and some employers are not concerned about it. If you can’t develop your skills at work, it might be a clear sign to get a new job. Ask your boss for tuition reimbursement benefits or see if you can take on-site courses. This will allow you to stay relevant. If you are currently working from home, talk to your boss and see if you can enroll in an online coding bootcamp. They have allowed many individuals to learn how to code and help companies innovate the market. 

If you can’t get what you need, you should leave right away. Just imagine a software engineer working with a company that doesn’t allow them to learn new coding techniques. They might be left behind, and getting a better job will be a whole new challenge.

Your Current Position Makes You Feel Overwhelmed 24/7

Admitting that you can’t handle all your responsibilities can be hard. Still, identifying when a job is affecting your wellbeing is essential. Feeling overwhelmed day and night isn’t good for your health. For that reason, if you think that you need a break, don’t hesitate to ask for it. If your boss disagrees, consider looking for a new job. Imagine a data scientist who isn’t able to get a break. They have many responsibilities on their shoulders as they need to create insights to help companies make critical decisions. If they’re overwhelmed and can’t think straight, they may lead the company to failure.

The Company And You Are Rowing In Opposite Directions

If you feel that the company’s goals aren’t your own, you need to quit and look for a new job. When you and the company aren’t moving in the same direction, you may feel frustrated as you’re not working to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that everyone has professional and personal goals. 

Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices to achieve a personal or professional goal. However, if you can’t work to achieve your professional or personal goals, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to quit. If you are a web designer, it might affect your creativity and your performance. Look for a job that makes you feel inspired. Meaningful jobs can be hard to find but never leave your dreams aside. Remember that achieving your objectives will help you achieve happiness in life. 


Most people are afraid to leave their jobs because of the uncertainty of getting a new one. However, it’s important to identify if your current job isn’t your right fit. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time. Don’t stop working hard to achieve your dreams, and don’t forget that education is essential. Learning tech skills will help you get ready for future challenges and have a better work-life balance. After all, they will allow you to work from home and get a flexible schedule.

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Artur Meyster

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.


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