Train Your Brain.

“I vigorously aspire to live a luxurious life, owning some super-fast cars and bikes, and a luxurious sea-facing penthouse. I would be some kind of businessperson. Living with my happy family, who all would be so busy spending money. Life would be so easygoing.”

But it all going to happen when I am holding super molded principles and maintaining no routine with work.


These hallucinations need to be thwarted bud and begin hard work smartly to accomplish the goals. Don’t just wish about stuff because if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. What do you want to do? Think. How you would do? Explore. Start learning because learning could be the only way to rise in any domain. Once you start to learn things certainly, in the prospect, it doesn’t matter if you descend from any position. Metaphorically you would be bruised but now you know how to fly back with a better mindset.

Always be keen on some beneficial and valuable knowledge to your brain. Knowledge doesn’t make you successful but the application of knowledge will. Whatever you are willing to do, DO IT NOW!! Start training the mind also, with your body. By filling in new valuable information. Read books/articles. Form a habit of reading and viewing good content, so that you can be a person of many words. You should know how to acquire desirable habits. As the great philosopher and psychologist once said:

“Sow an action and you reap a habit; Sow a habit and you reap a character; Sow a character and you reap a destiny”

William James

Regardless of where you were, you can be where you are, to be at where you want to be. Be motivated and move ahead slowly, step by step. Be a better person by adopting great principles. NOW must be seized before it becomes: yesterday-I-could-have… 


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  1. Mind blowing, each line of paragraph force me to reconsider everything. what i already know but i am not aware about it. This is very polite and elegant way to Express the transitions of life. I am Inspired by Some people in my life bro. You have to be remember that you are one of them. 🔥
    I have not that much Artistic Words but in lay man Language “Ek Number bhai, ek ek Line dil me ghar krgae. “

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