I am not done learning.
Anxiety kills me…!!
I do not expect success.
But, Failure perils me…!!
Intellect conversing…
I trained myself that way.
The heart knows the secrets,
All black and grey.
Thoughts are not similar,
It’s called evolution.
Change your perspectives
My success would not be,
Some Delusion..!!
I am not done learning.
Ripening gradually…
Don’t let me down
It’s your motherfucker,


4 thoughts on “DON’T MESS..!!!

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  1. My species is doomed to extinction,
    Loosing hope loosing acquaintances,
    Shortage of thoughts deceiving reality,
    Eons passed learnt nothing it seems,
    Don’t be this cruel my soul screams,
    Unite communities you loving creature,
    Strong heart with dazzling personality,
    Not ready to accept deceiving reality….

    I suppose we messed up too much already. But, just because of people like you aakash some people like me feel that some humanity is remained to save. even when people are not ready to give in to help and accept the reality.
    You are inspiring and very creative, I feel everyone in this universe should read your blog once. Peace out bro✌️

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  2. I can easily relate my self to this. 🔥 There were some ups and downs come and Go.But I never Stop Learning. My learning made me what i nearly thought about it. I assured that your writing will aspire more and more people. God bless you My friend. Keep growing. ♥ 👍

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