Mental Health: A fancy Word !!

So, because there are a lot of experts out there doing there a bit, by giving mental health counseling without using a bit of their mind, I want to tell those overnight experts who earlier had no time for so-called shitty dramatic pieces (according to them) of others, that, PLEASE stop this nonsensical drama only for some sake of showing off the world that you care. Be true to yourself, at least. Because only the person who is suffering from a particular issue knows what he/she is going through. You may know everything about that person but what you don’t know is:

  • How that seed became a tree of anxieties or panic attacks. 
  • When that happy soul became a hollow one. 
  • How that person began judging every moment of his/her life, and why? 
  • How that person is continuously trying to be at the level of people around him/her because he/she thinks that he/she is far beyond anyone around the world, which he/she doesn’t need to. 
  • The person who is now dealing with a particular and very personal issue is losing its identity gradually. 
  • The fear, in that person, of the future, which is making him/her so fragile and vulnerable. And many more. 

The only request I can do to you people out there is, be there with that person when he/she needs YOU in a moment rather not to say things like “START TALKING AND…Bla” but be there with your mouth shut, take a seat with them, and feel. Feel, from what torture is that person is going through and then gently and patiently start discussing. That person doesn’t need a character certificate from you, except YOU. He/she needs YOU only to listen to him/her peacefully without any judgments. Converse accordingly.

If you know someone who is bearing alone, every passing day, your periodic 20-25 minutes would be enough for him/her. What you can do is to keep checking on him/her, a call can do the best. Take him/her somewhere out, let him/her talk about himself/herself unobstructedly. Avoid talking about your achievements. And don’t be pretentious later for whatever you do for that person. You are doing all of this because you are a mature and prudent Homosapien with a heart full of love and care. And also because you want to show your humanly face to your mother.

6 thoughts on “Mental Health: A fancy Word !!

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  1. You have given some great tips here. What I would also add is that the one who is caring for a family member who has mental health illness also needs to be cared for too – the carer also needs to be cared for and have their own mental health looked after too so that they don’t breakdown too! 😊🙏💛👊🎉

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  2. Ohooooooo, bro. ♥️You stole my Complete awareness. I genuinely understand and feel every each word. This is the best Article for me forever. You bluntly express the other side feeling. 🔥 I am amazingly impressed by you. Please keep doing this. I want more and more thoughtful articles from you.
    Have a great life brother. Stay happy 👍♥️i loved it.

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